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Why Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI Customers Should Consider a Used Car

Contrary to popular belief, cars do not have to be brand new to provide a reliable method of transportation. Many model years of used cars function just as well as new models. Some used cars may be just a few years old and still encompass the original warranty that provides consumers with an extra layer of reassurance. Pre-owned cars from reputable automotive brands like Chevrolet, Buick, Dodge, Subaru, and Toyota are some of the most preferred options with other used cars coming in close behind.

Excellent Value of Used Cars for Grand Rapids Drivers

New vehicles are costly, and Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI buyers are aware of this fact. In addition to the higher MSRP, many customers also find themselves paying for extra warranties, tire service agreements, and maintenance contracts. By the time a dealership adds all of this into the financing, buyers can find themselves upside down on a car loan before they even leave the lot. Used cars do not qualify for many of these add-ons, which serve as a cost-saving benefit to buyers. Not only are used cars a better value than new models, but buyers can also escape these last-minute additions that raise the price of newer vehicles.

Another reasons buyers can reap the benefits of used cards is because these models have already experienced their initial depreciation. Everyone knows as soon as a new car leaves the lot, its value goes down significantly. By investing in a used car, prior owners have already been subjected to this depreciation, so you do not have to deal with it again. While this may not seem like a big deal at the time, you are inevitably getting more value for your money and will not experience the repercussions of this downfall at the end of your loan term.

Used Cars near Lansing, MI are a Great Option for New Drivers

Often, when you heard the term "used car" your mind travels to an older model with fewer amenities, more mileage, and wear and tear. Simultaneously, this can be the case sometimes. More often than not, used vehicles are much more than that. Models that are just a few years older than the current model year with similar features and modern appearances are some of the most purchased used car options near Greenville, MI. From a durable used Chevy to an upscale used Buick, there are many options to choose from at Trevor Merren Auto Greenville. Used car models can be great purchase options for new drivers. Used Subaru SUVs let new drivers get some experience driving off-road and adventuring, while used Dodge models can serve as entry-level sports cars for those who are a bit more athletic.

Financing Used Cars at Trevor Merren Auto Greenville

Many options for financing used cars at Trevor Merren Auto Greenville, which is not a common assumption. Most buyers think financing options for used car models will be scarce, interest rates will be high, and loan terms will be shorter. While this can be the case, it is not absolutely the only type of financing that can be found. At Trevor Merren Auto Greenville, we have access to many lenders and can shop around for the best terms on your behalf. For example, if you want to purchase a used Toyota, we do not always go straight through the dealer but consider local lenders for more competitive rates. If you are curious about what Trevor Merren Auto Greenville has to offer in terms of used car inventory or financial options, come to Trevor Merren Auto Greenville today to speak with a sales professional or a member of our financial staff. Whether you're in Ionia, MI or Rockford, MI, we're here to assist you. Contact us for directions to our dealership.


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