Few things are worse than spotting a noticeable paint chip on an otherwise pristine automobile. Touch-up paint makes it possible to correct these blemishes with impressive results. However, this is only true when a touch-up job is done well. At Trevor Merren Auto, we want to help Ionia, MI locals avoid these three common mistakes.

Don't Paint a Dirty Vehicle

If you don't have a lot of painting experience, you may make the mistake of hastily applying paint before you've taken the necessary steps for preparing the area. You should always start by thoroughly cleaning and drying the surface you intend to treat. For paint to adhere, the touch-up area should be free of dust, dirt, oils, and any other debris.

Don't Apply Just a Single Layer of Paint

Touch-up paint goes one in several thin layers. One thick layer of touch-up paint won't blend well. Take your time with this project and make sure that each individual layer is completely dry before putting the next one on.

Don't Forget to Sand and Finish Your Work

Touch-up paint isn't the sole correcting agent for paint damage. You also have to sand the edges of the treated area once it's dry and apply a clear coat. This will give your vehicle a seamless look all around.