Before venturing out around Grand Rapids, MI on your road trip, you need to make sure everyone is buckled. This simple step can decrease the risk of severe injuries if you're involved in an accident. Take your vehicle to Trevor Merren Auto for a quick check of the fluids, tires, hoses, and other components to ensure that you're ready to roll.

Try to get plenty of rest before you leave as you don't want to drive through Greenville, MI while you're drowsy. While your navigation system is a good way to get directions about where you're going, you want to have your GPS turned on as well as there could be some features that one system might have that the other one won't.

Make sure you have plenty of supplies for everyone, such as games to play, a small gas can for emergencies, and healthy snacks. You also want to know how to change your tire if you encounter trouble and how to perform a few minor repairs.