Our team here at Trevor Merren Auto wants you to know the benefits of having a dashcam. You can use dashcam footage to support your claim in the event of an accident. This will expedite the insurance company’s claim process for your car insurance. If the video proves that you were not at fault, your insurance rates will not go up.

It’s possible that installing a dashcam in your car and leaving it unattended on the streets of Ionia, MI will assist the police catch a burglar. Thieves who target parked cars typically have no idea they’re being watched. If you have a video of the burglar, you may be able to hunt him down and get your stolen stuff back.

As a bonus, if your car is parked and someone hits it, a modern dashcam’s motion detection will start recording and send a notification to your phone. This may save your vehicle from further damage and even increase your chances of catching the perpetrator. Other features, like the GPS location, will help you locate your vehicle, especially when driving off-road.