A powertrain warranty is a particular type of limited warranty that pays the cost of replacing or repairing parts of the powertrain. The powertrain includes parts that essentially provide power to the wheels of your vehicle, such as engine, driveshafts, suspensions, and many more. A powertrain warranty will come in handy in paying up for costly repairs of the powertrain system, which is usually very expensive. Powertrain warranty term length varies widely, but for most manufacturers, it has a coverage of up to 10yrs or 100,000 miles.

On the contrary, a bumper-to-bumper warranty, also known as a vehicle service contract, is a type of limited warranty that covers repairs and replaces almost every part of your vehicle located between your vehicle’s front and rear bumpers. Surprisingly this warranty covers thousands of vehicle components, from high-tech systems to electronics. A bumper-to-bumper extended warranty will bring peace of mind as you can easily avoid surprise, expensive repairs in Ionia, MI.