Since 2003, the majority of manufactured vehicles contained lower LATCH attachments and one or more tethers. LATCH is an acronym for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children, as the devices are designed to affix infant seats, booster seats, children's carseats and children's carbeds.

The LATCH attachments are found in the crack between the seat back and the seat cushion. The mechanisms take the place of seat belts when installing and securing seats designed for younger passengers. The innovative attachments were created as a universal and more convenient method of securing the seats.

In the presence of a LATCH system, it is not necessary to use seat belts for car seat installation. In many cases, manufacture's manuals may advise against using both systems simultaneously. Parents must always refer to the owner's manual for the recommended means of installing and securing children's seats. Check to make sure the device is firmly in place before allowing an infant or child to ride in the seat.


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