Is your current vehicle keeping you from buying a newer one? Why do you think that is? Are you worried about what will become of your old vehicle when you move on to your next? Why not bring it to Ionia or Greenville and let our team buy it from you. We offer a great deal for your trade-in. But how can you be sure the price we offer is fair and competitive? Before you drive to Trevor Merren Auto from Belding or Rockford, MI, tell us about your car in our Trade-In Appraisal form. It is the best way to find the value of your trade.

With just a little bit of information about your current car, truck, SUV or van, you can discover how much you can get back, when you decide to work with Trevor Merren Auto. Fill in the contact information, so we know who we'll be working with. Then, complete the categories pertaining to your vehicle; Mileage, powertrain, and any features that may make it stand out. Who currently holds the lien on your car? We take that into account when we consider our offer, as well. After you complete all of the sections, you are another step closer to leaving our showroom with money in your pocket.

Save time on your new car search by completing this process before you visit us lot. When you find the car you love from the available Ionia selection or our Greenville inventory head to your closest dealer and find our team. Our appraisers will take time to inspect the condition of your vehicle and provide an offer on the spot. When you come to an agreement, you head back home to Grand Rapids or Saranac, MI with a check in hand.

You don't even have to buy one of our vehicles for us to buy your vehicle. We are always looking for top-quality vehicles to add to our inventory. Let us make you an offer. Then use that money toward your title and registration fees and taxes you will encounter along the way. or if you aren't buying a new vehicle, that is extra money in your pocket. Don't take on the challenge of selling your car on your own. Let Trevor Merren Auto take it off your hands while you find your ideal next vehicle.

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